Well….here we are in the middle of August! Time flies, doesn’t it?
This year we had over 5000 participants in Tracky Dacks across the country. From Primary and High Schools to Day Care Centres and Universities, local businesses, sports clubs, politicians and retirement homes – it goes to show that anyone can Dack Up and Donate!
We’ve been busily counting Tracky Dack Day funds to see just how much everybody managed to raise for sick kids and their families. And, although we haven’t received everyone’s donations quite yet, we are happy to announce that the total to date is…


Amazing! To give you an idea of how much that means to us, that equates to:
– 17 families receiving practical support in their time of crisis, such as respite, medical equipment, or funeral assistance; or,
– 8174 uses of the Distraction Box to guide children through painful, traumatic or invasive procedures.
On behalf of the children we support, thank you. To re-live the fun, check out the Dack-Up Gallery below:
And, if you haven’t yet deposited your funds, you can do so by clicking the button below. If you’d like to be extra-helpful, you could also take a few minutes (if not less!) to help our little side project of getting as much feedback as we can to make Tracky Dack Day bigger and better:
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Plus, interested in Dacking Up in 2018? Put your name down below:
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