Baking Cakes for Coins

Baking Cakes for Coins

For an extra-yummy fundraiser, why not bake some slices or muffins and sell them for a gold coin donation at your workplace, school or club? You could even contact a local church and borrow some space so you can sell them on the weekend to locals.

Don’t limit yourself to sweet goods only—whip up savoury goods as well, so there are more options for everyone. Some easy, cheap baked goods include:

– Muffins

– Cookies

– Slices

– Sandwiches


If you really can’t cook but want to give it a go anyway, your local supermarket will have pre-packed mix with easy-to-follow directions.

Another great and easy option to get everyone is a morning tea. Bring in your baked goods and have everyone donate a gold coin, then enjoy them with your tea and coffee together! Everyone can bring in a plate on a rotating day, or have a big bash and have everyone bring a dish in on the same day.

If you don’t want to host a bake sale, but you’re keen for food, head on over to Sausage Sizzle for some meaty ideas.



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