How to Optimise Coin Collection

How to Optimise Coin Collection

Looking for some easy and fun fundraising ways to collect donations? Perhaps you’re not sure where to start? Why not create your own donation jar! A donation jar is not only simply and easy to make, but you can multiply your funds with every jar you create.

Whether you use a mason jar, a regular plastic container, or whatever you can find lying around, its really up to you. However, it is important that you clearly label your donation container with our charity name, logo and include a short description of what we do or where the proceeds will go. Click here for some logos you can use.

Once you’ve created your donation jars, you’re ready to go!

Here is a list of some simple ideas:

– Swear Jar: Whether in your workplace, classroom or home, you could easily get everyone to participate in this challenge. Whenever anyone swears, they have to chip in $1!

– Coin Wars: For this activity, it’s all about whoever could raise the most money over the whole month. This would work best if you and some friends split up into teams. You can even be in a school environment and have classes competing against each other. Every morning, donations can be collected from each collection box from each team. The totals from each class/group can then be posted on a chart or even tallied on a whiteboard/noticeboard where it can help promote friendly competition. You can also come up with rewards and prizes for the winners.

– Dollar for Dollar: Be competitive and help raise awareness. You can ask your friends, family, your employer or even a local business to match all the donation you raise.

Be creative! You can even host bigger events or start a competition. Good luck!



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