Keeping It Casual

One of the easiest ways to get involved in Tracky Dack Day is to bring in a gold coin donation to your school, workplace or club, and wear your trackies for the day. Trackies are a great alternative to jeans, skirts, or stuffy suit-pants. You may be dressing down, but it’s for a great cause, and it’s super comfy!

There’s no reason why you can’t combine your casual clothes option with another fundraising idea, to make your events memorable. Come into your work or club in trackies, and host a Bake Sale as well so you can double your donations!

Schools can offer prize incentives for activities such as three-legged races and tracky relays. If you need some great prize ideas for any activities or events you’re hosting, check out Prize Incentives.

If you want to get really creative with your casual clothes, check out Wacky Trackies and make a bold statement with an old pair of trackies.

Participation Prizes, Raffles & Rewards

Not sure how to encourage others to participate and raise funds? Why not set up some prizes to reward others for their contributions and donations?

– Invite your school, workplace or local community to bring in or buy something small, then make little hampers out of them. The more people participate, the more prizes you will be able to construct. You can even team up with some businesses in your local area to see if they can help sponsor or provide any prizes.

– Not sure how to encourage customers at your restaurant or store to donate? Come up with a list of rewards if they donate a certain amount. For example, if a customer donates $4, they will receive a free drink or a free item. You might even create a special item or product and every time someone purchases it, some or all of the proceeds will be donated.

Host a Movie Night

Wear your trackies and host a movie night!

Whether it be inside a school lecture theatre, a community hall or at your own home, get cosy and comfortable in your trackies. If the weather is good, set up a projector and have an outdoor movie night beneath the stars. Bring pillows, blankets and beanbags and pick a movie you think everyone will enjoy. Here are a few suggestions (with special Tracky appearances!):

– Cool Runnings

– Mean Girls

– Back to The Future

– Karate Kid

– She’s the Man

– Bring it On

Have a fixed entry donation (make it a ‘movie ticket’), or ask for donations throughout the night. You could also sell popcorn, snacks and drinks to increase donations. Promote this event to all your family and friends, local community and local businesses to help spread the word. Most importantly, before you start the movie, make sure you explain where all the funds will go and help raise awareness for Tracky Dack Day and TLC for Kids.

How to optimise coin collection

Looking for some easy and fun fundraising ways to collect donations? Perhaps you’re not sure where to start? Why not create your own donation jar! A donation jar is not only simply and easy to make, but you can multiply your funds with every jar you create.

Whether you use a mason jar, a regular plastic container, or whatever you can find lying around, its really up to you. However, it is important that you clearly label your donation container with our charity name, logo and include a short description of what we do or where the proceeds will go. Click here for some logos you can use.

Once you’ve created your donation jars, you’re ready to go!

Here is a list of some simple ideas:

– Swear Jar: Whether in your workplace, classroom or home, you could easily get everyone to participate in this challenge. Whenever anyone swears, they have to chip in $1!

– Coin Wars: For this activity, it’s all about whoever could raise the most money over the whole month. This would work best if you and some friends split up into teams. You can even be in a school environment and have classes competing against each other. Every morning, donations can be collected from each collection box from each team. The totals from each class/group can then be posted on a chart or even tallied on a whiteboard/noticeboard where it can help promote friendly competition. You can also come up with rewards and prizes for the winners.

– Dollar for Dollar: Be competitive and help raise awareness. You can ask your friends, family, your employer or even a local business to match all the donation you raise.

Be creative! You can even host bigger events or start a competition. Good luck!

Cakes for Coins

For an extra-yummy fundraiser, why not bake some slices or muffins and sell them for a gold coin donation at your workplace, school or club? You could even contact a local church and borrow some space so you can sell them on the weekend to locals.

Don’t limit yourself to sweet goods only—whip up savoury goods as well, so there are more options for everyone. Some easy, cheap baked goods include:

– Muffins

– Cookies

– Slices

– Sandwiches

If you really can’t cook but want to give it a go anyway, your local supermarket will have pre-packed mix with easy-to-follow directions.

Another great and easy option to get everyone is a morning tea. Bring in your baked goods and have everyone donate a gold coin, then enjoy them with your tea and coffee together! Everyone can bring in a plate on a rotating day, or have a big bash and have everyone bring a dish in on the same day.

Host a Sizzling BBQ

Here are some daytime events you can think about organising to fundraise for Tracky Dack Day:

– Sausage Sizzle: this would be ideal for schools, unis and local community groups and is very easy to organise, provided there is access to a barbeque. You may choose to set a price for each sausage sold and wear your trackies to raise awareness for TLC for Kids.

– Picnic/Barbeque: host an event at your local park. Contact your local council to reserve some space if you anticipate a lot of people attending. In case of bad weather, find a place which has shelter and shade and think about what kinds of food you would like to have at your event, including how it would be organised and transported to the venue.

Depending on the event, you may choose to have an entry donation and get everyone to bring a plate of food to share. You can organise a raffle and plan some other fundraising activities. Also, get in contact with local businesses to see if they would sponsor or help out with your event.

Wear your trackies and have a great day out with family, friends and colleagues and get together as a local community to celebrate your Tracky Dack Day.

Wacky Trackies

“Wacky trackies” are an easy way to get those creative juices flowing in schools, workplaces and childcare centres whilst supporting a great cause!

The easiest way to create your very own “wacky trackies” is to simply grab a pair of old tracksuit pants (or even regular pants) and use anything you have available to decorate. You can sew pockets on with different fabrics, tye-dye your trackies, or cover them in glitter, paint or sequins. There’s no limit to how wacky you can make your trackies – just make sure you can still wear them in the end.

If you’re at a school, grab some arts supplies during class and paint, decorate and wear your trackies. Why not have a fashion parade afterwards? You could double up your donations by having this optional event after everyone has created their trackies. Have everyone show off their wacky designs, and host a competition to see who made the most creative trackies. Maybe the winners get to wear them for an extra day!

Offices and other businesses can also compete to see who can come in to work in the most creative trackies, or pick a decoration theme and see whose interpretation looks the best!

Take A Tracky Challenge

Have you ever wanted to see your boss, principal or CEO come in to work a little more relaxed than usual?

Now is your chance! Get everyone to pitch in and set a goal. When you reach that goal, they have to wear the most casual pair of shorts or pants they own – or their trackies for the entire day. To make it even more exciting, plan it in advance so they have to wear them on a particularly important day – one where they’ll lots of meetings or errands to attend.

For a challenge that anyone can participate in, have a few friends or family members sponsor you to wear trackies, or have them wear them with you and get sponsored together. See if you can get enough people to sponsor you for several days, a week, or even more. One lady in Perth had her friends and family sponsor her for each and every day in May, so she wore trackies the entire month!

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