Wacky Trackies

Wacky Trackies

“Wacky trackies” are an easy way to get those creative juices flowing in schools, workplaces and childcare centres whilst supporting a great cause!

The easiest way to create your very own “wacky trackies” is to simply grab a pair of old tracksuit pants (or even regular pants) and use anything you have available to decorate. You can sew pockets on with different fabrics, tye-dye your trackies, or cover them in glitter, paint or sequins. There’s no limit to how wacky you can make your trackies – just make sure you can still wear them in the end.

If you’re at a school, grab some arts supplies during class and paint, decorate and wear your trackies. Why not have a fashion parade afterwards? You could double up your donations by having this optional event after everyone has created their trackies. Have everyone show off their wacky designs, and host a competition to see who made the most creative trackies. Maybe the winners get to wear them for an extra day!

Offices and other businesses can also compete to see who can come in to work in the most creative trackies, or pick a decoration theme and see whose interpretation looks the best!

Image: earlylife.com.au


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