Why Tracky Dack Day?

Tracky Dack Day is an annual event designed by TLC for Kids to inspire everyone to think about kids in hospital. For these kids, the simple act of getting out of their pyjamas, into everyday clothing, creates a sense of normality. Healthcare professionals believe a daily routine is important for sick children to help boost their self esteem and give them a more positive mindset.

Track pants are one of the most common things worn by kids in hospitals, so why not step into their shoes and get a feel for what it’s like to wear trackies to work, school, or wherever you’re going!

When is Tracky Dack Day?

The last Friday of August! In 2019 that’s August 30th. If you can’t do that day, not to worry – feel free to choose whichever day in August (or another month) that suits you best!

Who Can Participate in Tracky Dack Day?

ANYONE can participate! Groups, clubs, schools, business, families, individuals—everyone is welcome. Tracky Dack Day is designed for everyone and anyone, across all ages and all walks of life. Just click here to register.

What If I Don’t Own Trackies?

It doesn’t matter! You can dress in casual clothes or a pair of comfy pants, or even go all out and make an entire new outfit for yourself. Tracky Dack Day is simply about getting out there and supporting a good cause.

How Do I Register?

Registering has never been easier – click here, follow the prompts and you’re ready to go. Simple!

After your submission has been received, you will receive an email with a recap that includes all the details and information regarding Tracky Dack Day.

I Have Registered, But I Can’t Log In

If you’ve registered using your Facebook profile, you’ll need to keep logging in using the Facebook button on the login page. Most of the time login errors occur when registrants try using an email address instead of the Facebook button. If this doesn’t work , try resetting your password. We’re always happy to help if you get really stuck too, so head to the Contact Us page if you need to!

How Do I Create or Join a Group?

Creating or joining a group is really straightforward, however there are a few steps involved. To see those and get your Group fundraising together, click here and follow the step by step guide. You’ll be up and running in next to no time!

How Should I Raise Funds?

There are countless ways to raise funds – you can ask for sponsorship from your friends, colleagues or school mates, or ask them to ‘dack up and donate’ a gold coin with you. Host a “Wacky Tracky Day” and give your old trackies a personal makeover with dye, fabrics, or other arts and craft supplies. It’s really up to you as to how you want to raise funds, so get creative!

If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out some of our own Fundraising Ideas.

What Does TLC for Kids Do?

TLC for Kids is there when children need emergency emotional or practical support most – within the first critical 24 – 48 hours. We provide emergency practical help through our program RAPID TLC, and our Distraction™ Box program provides over 2,000 distraction boxes in 405 hospitals and medical centres around Australia. To find out more about the unique support we provide for children and their families, visit www.tlcforkids.org.au, or check out the About TLC for Kids page.

How Do I Deposit The Funds I Have Raised?

A lot of the donations you collect will be online and will be able to be made directly via your own profile, however if you have collected coins or have excess cash that you need to deposit directly with your bank, please click here for more information.

For further queries regarding returning funds, simply call 1300 361 461 or email: accounts@tlcforkids.org.au

How Should I Collect The Funds From My Team?

For your own convenience, our first suggestion would be to direct anyone looking to donate to Tracky Dack Day to your profile. Once there, they will have a few options available to them and can use the one that best suits them.

If you’re hosting a Tracky Dack Day, there are many other ways that you can collect funds from your friends, colleagues or students if you’re a teacher, but you should choose the methods that works best and will be easiest for you. A tin (or hat, box, bucket, or other container) can be placed in a central, visible location for everyone to deposit their coins or bills, or, again, you can direct them to donate through your online profile, or both!

For even more options, check out some of our coin and cash collection ideas.

Can’t find your question here? Get in touch with us via the Contact Us page!